• If you are accepted to the #PROOFCREW Ambassador Program, you will be provided with one frame of your choice along with some exclusive Proof Eyewear gear.
  • Rep your new Proof Eyewear frames...meaning show them off! We want our Ambassadors to feel confident and happy about their stylin’ frames. Wear them as often as you can throughout the duration of your 3-month term.  


  • Post once a month on your personal IG main feed (at your own convenience!) Even though you are posting on your own time, you are still required to post a minimum of once a month for the duration of your term as a #PROOFCREW Ambassador. 
  • You are NOT being sponsored nor is this an ad post. The Proof Fam hopes that you would simply post a picture of you rocking your new Proof Eyewear frames and merch while tagging @proofeyewear and #proofcrewambassador.  
  • Apply trust and authenticity to your #PROOFCREW persona. Please post your own original content. If you love what other Ambassadors are posting, feel free to repost another Brand Ambassador or Proof Eyewear’s photo - with, of course, photo credit! 
  • Please be respectful while repping the Proof Eyewear brand. Do not promote/post alcohol, drugs, or use foul language. Refrain from potential controversial topics like religious and sexual preference, politics, etc. We want everyone to feel welcome in the #PROOFCREW community. 


  • If you are accepted to the #PROOFCREW Ambassador Program you will be required to join our private Facebook Group. This will be used as the primary form of communication between the Proof Fam, other ambassadors, and you.
  • Please check this group as often as you can. The Proof Fam will be communicating and posting frequently to ensure healthy communication! 
  • Feel free to post, comment, like as often as you want. We would like our Ambassadors to feel connected to our exciting and growing community.  


  • Respond to all communication channels from Proof Eyewear within a 24-hour time frame (Text, Facebook Group, Instagram DM). To ensure a healthy flow of communication throughout your term, it is imperative for our Ambassadors to have a quick response time to any matters.  
  • Commit to a minimum of a 3-month term. If you would like your time as a #PROOFCREW Ambassador to continue, you must communicate to the Proof team so we can set those new expectations with you for approved continuation. 
  • This program does not make you an employee, agent, franchisee, or partner of Proof Eyewear and you cannot act on behalf of the company. Reselling provided products on unauthorized websites or in retail establishments is prohibited.  


  • Must be 18 years or older to qualify for the ambassador position.  
  • To be considered you must be following @proofeyewear main account. You can follow our other accounts but if you don't follow the main you won't be considered.
  • Must be active and public on Instagram with >100 followers.