The newest pillar of our
Do Good initiatives

Proof Eyewear is proud to announce the newest way that we are giving back. From the beginning, we have been dedicated to finding solutions to problems in communities around the world. Now, our customers have the option to become global citizens through a single-frame purchase and track their impact from start to finish.

We chose to partner with Verdn and Eden Reforestation to combat the global climate crisis and provide community members with an income all while staying true to our wooden roots through reforestation. 

Information on Eden Reforestation Projects: 

"Eden takes a holistic approach to reforestation and ecological restoration. They partner with villages committed to restoring their forest, and then hire and train locals to plant new trees. The reforestation provides the villagers with consistent income that helps them provide for their families. 

The villagers protect their new forests because they have a vested interest in them, and as a result, the seedling survival rate is an astounding 80%. When natural generation is factored in, the rate is even higher. Only native trees are ever planted."

Trees pledged through Verdn are planted in either Madagascar, Mozambique, or Kenya. 

"A single mangrove tree can remove over 300 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere, assuming it grows for 25 years. That is roughly 12 kg of CO2 per year."


How may I see the status of the project?

Any customers who purchase frames from will receive a dedicated landing page to a custom tracking dashboard. Use that link to check back periodically on the status of the tree planting.

Where can I learn more about the project?

Eden Reforestation Projects is a well-established organization within the industry. As of Summer 2021, they have facilitated the planting of over five million trees. Verdn connects Proof Eyewear through our tracking tool to send funds directly to their organization. To learn more, visit


THE PERU PROJECT // March 2019
We firmly plant our roots in the belief that “Everyone has wings to fly, some just need a little help.” This principle fuels our annual Do Good Program; supporting people and places needing a little more help. Through our partnership with HELP InternationalArt of Visuals, and our Proof customers, we set out on our 8th Do Good project from March 7 – 17th to Peru.
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